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Court Technology

New technology installed in courtrooms support the needs of the judiciary, community and victims in a courtroom setting. The new technology ensures timely access to justice.

Witnesses and experts

Children and other vulnerable witnesses can safely give evidence via videolink from remote witness rooms in the building, or even in another State. Other witnesses and experts required to appear in court can also give evidence from anywhere within Australia or even overseas, offering a cost effective and convenient option.


Access to evidence is significantly improved. Where a single piece of evidence - such as a murder weapon - may have previously been 'passed around' for inspection, digital cameras now project the image onto easily viewed large flat screens. Reams of paper documents that previously needed copying can be digitally reproduced,referenced and displayed.


Digital transcripts can be easily replayed or searched by name, keyword or specific moment. Key pieces of evidence can be digitally viewed, as needed, on a personal screen. Supreme and District court decisions, electronic bench books and diaries can be accessed via computer.

Legal profession

Displays of exhibits and transcripts (both visual and audio) can be easily projected through a touchscreen while presenting a case. International experts can be easily video linked into the courtroom to testify. Counsel using their own mobile devices to access the Internet allows colleagues to consult instantly with each other while in court. Video re-enactments can be screened, while all audio-visual elements can be compiled into presentations for summation.

General community

A justice system with increased access to information supports quality decision making and more cost effective proceedings, ensuring a world-class justice system for the Western Australian community. Shortened sitting times will help reduce case backlogs, enabling more timely access to justice for the community. Additionally, the new technology promotes a user-friendly courtroom, demystifying what is often a challenging and unsettling experience.

Last updated: 25-Aug-2017

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