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District Court

The District Court is the intermediate court in Western Australia, presided over by a District Court judge.

The District Court deals with serious criminal offences (for instance, serious assaults, breaking and entering, fraud) except those where the maximum term of imprisonment that can be imposed is life. A jury of 12 community members decide whether a person accused of a criminal offence is guilty or not guilty. An accused person may choose to have a trial by judge alone, and not by a jury.

In civil law, the court deals with matters generally involving claims up to $750,000. It has unlimited jurisdiction in claims for damages for personal injuries and it has exclusive jurisdiction in regard to claims for damages for injury sustained in motor vehicle accidents.

Civil appeals from the Magistrates Court and some tribunals are heard by the District Court. All appeals from the District Court are heard by the Court of Appeal.

Documents held at the District Court are court records relating to matters commenced in either the criminal or civil jurisdiction. The inspection of such documents is available in accordance with Order 67, Rules 10 and 11 on payment of the prescribed fees.

Educational tours can be arranged by contacting the Francis Burt Law Education Centre on (08) 9325 4787.

More information is available from the District Court website.

Contact details

District Court
500 Hay Street
Phone: (08) 9425 2128
Fax: (08) 9425 2268

Civil Listings: (08) 9425 2348 or (08) 9425 2178
Criminal Listings - Perth (non-trial): (08) 9425 2345 or (08) 9425 2382
Criminal Listings - Perth (trials): (08) 9425 2294 or (08) 9425 2275
Circuits: (08) 9425 2339 or (08) 9425 2539
District Court Bailiff: (08) 9425 2481 and 9425 2482
Pre-Trial Conferences: (08) 9425 2793

Last updated: 27-Feb-2018

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