Family Court Counselling and Consultancy Service

The Counselling and Consultancy Service is staffed by qualified Family Consultants with specialist knowledge and expertise in working with children and families experiencing relationship difficulties after separation. Family Consultants are also experienced alternate dispute resolution practitioners.

Each case involving child-related proceedings in the Family Court of WA is assessed in the Child Related Proceedings list for suitability for allocation to a Family Consultant for a risk assessment at a Case Assessment Conference. The primary role of the Family Consultant is to assess risk and collaboratively case manage identified complex child related cases proceeding through the Court. This will often involve making referrals to other agencies, gathering information and reporting back to the magistrate or judge who is responsible for the case.  

Case management provides for the same Family Consultant to remain with the case from the first assessment until the making of final orders. This creates an opportunity for each family to have continuity during their time in the Court. 

In the event that a Family Report is ordered, the same Family Consultant will conduct the interviews with both the parents and the children, and produce a report.

The Family Consultant will always see each party separately in the first instance, and continue to do so unless it is determined safe and appropriate for parties to be seen together. 

The vast majority of all disputes (95%) are settled without the need for the Court to determine final orders. Throughout case management, where appropriate the Family Consultant shall be assisting parties towards safe and sustainable resolution.

Last updated: 20-Mar-2017

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