Merredin Courthouse

The Merredin courthouse (Aboriginal for "Place of Merrit") is located 270km east of Perth and services a population of approximately 3,800.

The site of the Merredin courthouse was originally the local police station.

The current courthouse was built in 1938 with the police station being incorporated into the building. Merredin courthouse is a small yet majestic building and is a impresssive example of inter-war free classical architecture.

In 1962, the police rooms were converted into the magistrates chambers and Children's Court and the clerk of court's office, store rooms and amenities facilities built. The building was further upgraded in 1987 with the addition of an extra storage room and public toilets.

1997 saw the building further modified to incororate a holding cell, new magistrates chambers and courtyard.

Merredin is one of the major centres in the wheatbelt and services a hinterland of 17,000 people.

Last updated: 15-Jan-2018

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