Service Standards

The Department aims to provide a court system that is responsive to community needs for access to justice.

Service standards when attending a court building

Service standards when you are at our court office counter (registry)

Service standards if you phone our court office

Service standards if you phone our Fines Enforcement Registry Contact Centre

Service standards if you write to us

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Legal Advice

Court staff can provide information and access to forms, however they are not able to provide legal advice. Only a lawyer can give you legal advice. For example, court staff can explain court rules and procedure, but they cannot suggest which procedure you should follow, they cannot fill out a form for you, tell you what words to use in your court papers or tell you what to say in court. If you need legal advice, you should direct questions to a legal practitioner.


The Department welcomes feedback which we regularly evaluate to see how we can further improve the services we provide to the community.

Feedback can be provided to the Department in several ways - visit our feedback page, send us a letter (or we can post you a reply paid form), or tell us by email, fax or in person. Further details are available under the Feedback section.

Your feedback is managed in accordance with the Department’s Customer Feedback Management Policy.

Last updated: 27-Nov-2017

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