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Sheriff's Office

Referred to as the Sheriff of the Supreme Court, Marshal of the Family Court and Marshal of the Federal Court of Australia, the Sheriff is also an officer of the District Court and the Magistrates Court and has the same functions in respect of those courts as in respect of the Supreme Court.

The Sheriff derives authority from State and Federal legislation, specifically the Supreme Court Act, the District Court of WA Act, the Federal Court of Australia Act, the Juries Act, the Family Court Act, the High Court of Australia Act, Civil Judgments Enforcement Act and the Fines, Penalties and Infringement Notices Enforcement Act. The Sheriff has a statutory responsibility to the courts.

Enforcement services

Enforcement services encompass the serving of documents, which includes summons for witnesses for the State and the execution of writs, warrants and orders to recover unpaid fines or judgment debts. Execution of orders can lead to the seizure and sale of goods and land if the warrant is not immediately satisfied. The Sheriff is also responsible for the appointment of bailiffs throughout Western Australia who serve and enforce matters on behalf of the Sheriff.

Jury services

The Sheriff prepares jury books for the State's 17 jury districts which lists those citizens available for jury duty. In addition, the office summonses people to act as jurors in the Perth Supreme and District courts and investigates the failure of a juror to attend court. When metropolitan juries are sitting, the Sheriff has responsibility for jurors.

Contact details

The Sheriff's Office
Central Law Courts
Level 5, 501 Hay Street
Phone: (08) 9425 2481
Fax: (08) 9221 7894

Last updated: 27-Feb-2018

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