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Supreme Court

The Supreme Court is Western Australia’s highest court and hears serious criminal and civil matters. It is also the main Appeal Court of the State. The Supreme Court is divided into two divisions - the General Division and the Court of Appeal.

The General Division deals with serious criminal charges, such as murder, armed robbery and serious breaches of Commonwealth drug enforcement laws. Generally, it hears civil cases where the amount involved in the dispute is more than $750,000.

The General Division also deals with probate (including disputes over wills), Admiralty (disputes involving ships), disputed elections and applications under the Corporations Act.

The Court of Appeal hears appeals from single judge decisions of the Supreme Court and from lower courts and various tribunals.

Decisions from the Supreme Court’s Court of Appeal can be appealed only to the High Court, from which there can be no further appeal.

Documents held at the Supreme Court are court records which relate to matters started in either the criminal, civil, appellant or probate jurisdictions. The inspection of such documents is available in accordance with Order 67, Rules 10 and 11, on payment of the prescribed fees.

More information is available from the Supreme Court website

Contact details

Supreme Court switchboard

Phone: (08) 9421 5333

Fax: (08) 9421 5353

Sheriff: (08) 9425 2481

Last updated: 14-Mar-2019

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