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Family Court Daily Court List

State Administrative Tribunal Daily Court List

Court listings for the Supreme Court and District Court are available below.

Both courts have listings available in a standard format, as well as a tabular format to assist in sorting court hearings.

Supreme Court | Daily Cause List | Table Format
District Court | Daily Cause List | Table Format

Supreme Court - Daily Cause List

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The daily court list is accurate as at: 20 August 2018

The Court is open to the public.

Supreme Court (Full Bench)

before  The Full Bench  
 Court 42, David Malcolm Justice Centre
 (CE 1/1900)

In Criminal

before The Hon. Justice Corboy  
 Court No. 6
1 The State of Western Australia v. Tania Denise Shayler (INS 78/2018)
 First Appearance
2 The State of Western Australia v. William Richard John Baumgarten (INS 137/2018)
 First Appearance
3 The State of Western Australia v. Arthur Ryan (INS 139/2018)
 First Appearance
4 The State of Western Australia v. Arthur Ryan (INS 140/2018)
 First Appearance
5 The State of Western Australia v. Clinton Alan Penny (INS 156/2018)
 First Appearance
6 The State of Western Australia v. Hossean Pourzand (INS 290/2017)
 First Appearance
7 The State of Western Australia v. Shona Rae Garlett-Exell (INS 64/2018)
 First Appearance

before The Hon. Justice McGrath  
 Court 4-1, District Court Building, 500 Hay Street, Perth
1 The State of Western Australia v. Ah Ping Ban (INS 28/2018)
 Trial by Jury
2 The State of Western Australia v. Tiffany Yiting Wan (INS 28/2018)
 Trial by Jury

before The Hon. Justice Derrick  
 Court 4-3, District Court Building, 500 Hay Street, Perth
Not Before 10:00
The State of Western Australia v. Victor Amaya (INS 300/2017)
 Trial by Jury

before The Hon. Justice Archer  
 Court No. 7
Ridgway v. The State of Western Australia (MBA 32/2018)
 Bail Application

before The Hon. Justice Archer  
 Court No. 7
Not Before 12:45
The State of Western Australia v. Patrick Francis Egan (INS 94/2018)
 Arrest Warrant

In Civil

before The Hon. Justice Smith  
 Court 36, David Malcolm Justice Centre
Warwick Entertainment Centre P/L (Receivers and Managers Appointed) v. Earlmist P/L (CIV 2477/2011)
 Part Heard

In Chambers

before  Registrar Davies  
 Hearing Room 708, David Malcolm Justice Centre
 (COR 111/2018)

before  Registrar Whitby  
 Court 906, David Malcolm Justice Centre
 (COR 77/2018)

before  Registrar C Boyle  
 Mediation Room 803, David Malcolm Justice Centre
Aintree Holdings P/L v. Shakur & Anor (ARB 8/2018)
 Mediation Conference

before  Registrar Davies  
 Mediation Room 703, David Malcolm Justice Centre
Green v. Green & Anor (CIV 1590/2018)
 Mediation Conference

before  Registrar Whitbread  
 Hearing Room 712, David Malcolm Justice Centre
Conergy P/L v. Gulf Rubber Australia P/L (CIV 1669/2017)
 Mediation Conference

before  Registrar S Boyle  
 Mediation Room 816, David Malcolm Justice Centre
Maingard v. Munro & Anor (CIV 1909/2018)
 Mediation Conference

before  Master Sanderson  
 Court 907, David Malcolm Justice Centre
Not Before 11:00
Thorpe v. Schulz & Anor (CIV 1427/2010)
 By Appointment

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