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Find a Justice of the Peace In Your Area

COVID-19 notice: Temporary closures of Justice of the Peace (JP) document witnessing centres from 23 march 2020.

Document Witnessing Centres are coordinated and managed by JPs who are volunteers. The Department is aware that many JP Witnessing Centres have closed until further notice to preserve the safety of the community and the volunteer JPs.

In these circumstances you should not attend at a JP document witnessing centre without first making a phone enquiry.

We appreciate your understanding whilst these temporary measures are in place.

If the document is a statutory declaration it may be witnessed by one of the occupational groups listed on the Authorised witnesses for statutory declarations.

Search for a JP

If you are unable to attend a Document Witnessing Centre, you may contact a JP who lives or works in your area by using the search facility below. There are JPs in most suburbs and towns in Western Australia.

When contacting JPs, please note they are volunteers who provide their services to the community free of charge. While JPs make themselves available as much as possible, it should be remembered that JPs have the same type of work and personal commitments as any other person. Accordingly, you will need to negotiate a mutually acceptable time and place for appointment.

Enter either the suburb/town or postcode in the search boxes provided, do not enter both, then click on the search button below. A list matching your request will be displayed.


You may also search for a JP using any of the following criteria.

An automated telephone service is also available (1300 657 788) which provides information to locate a JP.


While all reasonable steps are taken to ensure the accuracy of the information published, this information is subject to advice provided by individual JPs.

In these circumstances, the Department cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information provided.

If while attempting to contact a JP, the phone number appears to be incorrect, you may provide feedback preferably by email. Alternatively you may phone 9425 2896.

JPs wishing to update their address/contact details should do so by completing and returning the change of address and contact details form:

Change of Address and Contact Details Form (PDF)

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